Darryl & Hendrik


Asking you to help two left-footed males put together a waltz a week before our wedding was asking for miracles… But learning a few flashy moves was incredibly fun and you helped us pick it up rather quickly. We had a few good laughs, wearing the grass in our garden down thin, while practicing for our opening dance. Admittedly we didn’t get all the steps right but nevertheless we had so much fun with our opening dance! And you gave us that – you gave us the confidence boost we needed to make it look somewhat suave and get all our other guests eager to join us on the dance floor – just because it looked so fun and easy. And we really look forward to joining you for some more dance lessons.

  • Dance Details
    • Dance Instructor – Alissa Steyl
    • Dance Song – I Won’t Give Up, Jason Marz
    • Dance Style – Waltz
    • Dance Package – Adhoc Lessons
    • Wedding Anniversary – 10 November 2012