Cindy & Shaun


I would like to thank Alissa for our dancing lessons. She made our wedding dance so special and completely exceeded my expectations. Alissa went out of her way to make the dance perfect for us. If there was anything we were not comfortable with, she changed it to make sure that it suited us as a couple. With all the experience that Alissa and Kraig have, and with our lessons being so fantastic, I would recommend their dance studio to any prospective students. I would suggest dancing classes for any couple who want to spend quality time together. It is fun, you learn a new skill and you spend time with your partner. What more could you ask for.

  • Dance Details
    • Dance Instructor – Alissa Steyl
    • Dance Song – Time of My Life, Dirty Dancing
    • Dance Style – Mambo
    • Dance Package – 3 Months Package
    • Wedding Anniversary – 21 October 2012