Wedding Dance Packages

As you reach closer to your wedding date, your wedding dance lessons come to mind. The question is how much time do you have left before the big day? This will play a big role in which wedding dance package would be most suited for you. We will count down the sleep with you.

Five6seven8 Dance Studio stands out as a versatile multi-genre dance studio, offering an array of dance classes beyond just the standard first dance. While we excel in teaching classic dances like the waltz and rumba, our expertise extends to various other styles. From the elegance of the Traditional African wedding dances to the vibrancy of Bollywood performances, our studio is equipped to cater to a diverse range of preferences and cultural backgrounds. Let us help you make your special day even more memorable with our expert instruction and unique dance offerings.

Classic Wedding Dance 1

Your Classic
Wedding Dance

Dive into the elegance and beauty of traditional ballroom dancing with our Classic Wedding Dance Package. Perfect for couples looking to add a touch of grace and sophistication to their special day, this package offers personalized coaching in timeless dances such as the Waltz, Foxtrot, or Rumba. Our expert instructors will guide you every step of the way, ensuring your first dance is as memorable as the day itself. Whether you’re aiming for a simple, understated performance or a grand, sweeping routine, we’ll tailor your lessons to fit your dream wedding.

Traditional Wedding Dance 1

Your Traditional
Wedding Dance

Celebrate your heritage and culture with our Traditional Wedding Dance Package. This option is ideal for couples who wish to honor their roots and incorporate ethnic dances into their wedding festivities. From the spirited steps of African dances to the intricate patterns of European folk dances, our versatile instructors are skilled in a wide range of traditional styles. We’ll work closely with you to select the dance that best represents your background, teaching you the moves and helping you infuse your celebration with the rich traditions of your ancestry.

Bollywood Wedding Dance 1

Your Bollywood
Wedding Dance

Bring the vibrant energy and colorful storytelling of Bollywood to your wedding with our Bollywood Wedding Dance Package. This package is a favorite among couples looking to add an element of fun, drama, and excitement to their nuptials. Our instructors, well-versed in the latest Bollywood dance trends as well as classic routines, will choreograph a spectacular number that captures your love story. Whether you envision a romantic duet or a lively group performance with your bridal party, we’ll ensure your Bollywood dance is a highlight of the celebration.

You can choose between private or group dance classes:

  • The private lessons are one-on-one classes with your instructor in which they can specially choreograph a routine to your dance. These classes work very similarly to our private Latin & Ballroom classes where you share the floor with different couples, but not to worry your instructor will ensure your song gets played multiple times during your lesson.
  • For our group classes, you can choose between getting a group of your friends together and set a time during the week when everyone is available as well as the dance floor. However, if this becomes a bit of a headache to organise you can always slot into one of the group classes we offer.

Other Wedding Services we offer:

  • Don’t forget, you also have a dance with your father or mother to do on the day. Book one or two lessons just to feel comfortable on the dance floor and work out the transitions between your first dance and the dance with your father and/or mother.
  • We can also assist with any Wedding Entertainment requirements. From a fun dance routine or lesson for your guests to enjoy while you are busy with your photos to even flash mobbing your guests.

We do offer a free 30-minute consultation lesson to discuss your requirements for your wedding dance lessons.

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