Bianca & Devon


My husband and I had done some dance lessons at Five6seven8 (ballroom beginners, sokkie, and two-step course) before doing our wedding dance. We had so much fun doing this and became more comfortable dancing together.

What was also great is when Alissa then choreographed our wedding dance, I felt she had a little bit of insight into our personalities and how we dance with each other and managed to choreograph a dance that was so perfect for us!

To say we LOVED or dance is a complete understatement. Alissa exceeded our expectations with this choreography. It was such a fun dance with many lifts and turns to keep us (and our guests) on their toes! Our wedding photographer told us it was the best wedding dance she had ever seen (maybe she says that to all her couples- but we’ll take it!).

Friends and family are still talking about our dance six months after the wedding and we quickly became the ‘couple to beat’ amongst our friend group. I never thought a first wedding dance would be part of a competition, but it turns out our dance-inspired other couples to have more fun and add more ‘spice’ to their routines.

My husband often jokes that he has two left feet but Alissa is such a good teacher that she helped both of us feel more comfortable and be more confident on the dance floor.

Thank you, Alissa and the rest of the team at Five6seven8 for making this such a fun experience, getting excited with us leading up to the wedding, and for giving us something which easily turned out to be one of the best parts of our wedding.

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