Wedding Proposal Flash Mob at Melrose Square

Five6seven8 was fortunate to be asked by Sheldon in Jan 2015 to help out with his proposal to his girlfriend Tiffany.

After numerous secret rehearsals and months of preparation, November finally crept closer.

The dancers hovered around Melrose Square awaiting Sheldon’s whatsapp that they were coming up the escalators. Sheldon even arranged for her family members to come up from Cape Town and were all hiding at the African Pride Hotel across from the square.

To ensure that Tiffany did not catch on that the flash mob was possibly for her, we arranged for our students to pretend that the mob was for them. You can hear in the background how Tiffany found the mob cute, but half way through Sheldon left her to join the mob, to her surprise the whole thing was for her all along.

Everyone at Five6seven8 Dance Studio would like to congratulate Sheldon and Tiffany on their engagement and we are looking forward to start planning their first wedding dance for them.