Taryn and Mike


“The experience of learning our wedding dance with  Five6seven8 was one of the most incredible times of our lives. Not only was the dance choreographed for us perfect for our “love celebration” song chosen, but it matched our abilities so that we felt comfortable learning it. We were also taught how to do some awesome tricks we never dreamed of, that got audible “ahhs” from our guests! It was a special bonding moment – learning how to move together in unison, which was a beautiful metaphor for bringing our own dance steps to our combined dance of partnership and what is necessary when entering into a sacred contract. And it was FUN! Not only at the studio with our epic dance instructor, but practicing outside on our balcony between sessions for our complex neighbours to see. A way of making us put time aside to spend together to create something special.

Thank you Five6seven8 for creating such a lovely space and experience and final result!

Above and beyond xxx

Taryn and Mike Savage