Bridal Party Group Classes

About our Bridal Party Group Classes

What better way to include your bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents or any other family members in your preparation for your special day than starting with dancing group classes together. Not only having fun during the lessons itself but also ensuring everyone will be dancing till they drop on the night.

How many lessons you would like to take is entirely up to you and your friends and what the schedule would allow.


8 or more people

R 150
per person
  • 1 Hour Group Class

Less than 8 people

R 190
per person
  • 1 Hour Group Class
  • Learn a Fun Line Dance
  • Surprise your guests with a flash mob.
  • Ensure everyone is on your dance floor on the big day
  • Include your Bridal Party & Family

Bridal Party Group Classes

This year there as been more inquiries with regards to wedding dance lessons including the Bridal Party. It is a fabulous way to spend time together building up to the big day and of course ensures that everyone will be on the dance floor the whole night.

If you are interested to do this with your friends and family, visit our packages and contact pages.

This past Sunday, 23 September our first bridal group finally had their big day and hoped all danced till they dropped. Below are some photos of their lessons with us

Here is some feedback of our previous students who wanted to prepare themselves for a friend’s wedding:

Hey Alissa,
Just want to say thank you so much for the lessons and for taking time out on your public holiday and friday night for us, we really appreciate it, you are an awesome teacher.
The wedding was amazing it was so cool seeing two of our best mates get married. The bride looked stunning and the groom was trying his best to keep the tears back, but all in all it was really cool.
My good mate was an absolute CHAMP for asking his date to dance, I dont think I have ever seen him or any one quite so nervous before, but never the less he asked her, she said yes, He danced like a pro, They had fun and he got to drive her home and be the real gentleman that he is.
I was not really nervous as there was not really any specific girl that I wanted to impress, I just wanted to have fun, and fun was had. I asked two ladies (friends of mine) to dance and I think they really enjoyed them selves… I tried my best. The rest of the night was filled with lots of jumping around, looking like idiots, doing stupid break dancing moves, and just totally rocking out with our newly married friend.
We really had so much fun learning to dance and we would really like to keep learning and be apart of any social events that may come up. I know that we both would like to be super pro on the dance floor… and rip it up!
Thank you so much