Brian & Yolanda

We came to Alissa with a song, no experience and a dream of a special moment as we take the dance floor for the first time as Mr and Mrs. She immediately caught our attention with her positive attitude and willingness to help us learn to dance. In no time she had the perfect routine for us and with her excellent teaching abilities she made it so easy for us to learn. We enjoyed learning new steps for our wedding dance and we knew we could trust in her to get us ready for the big day. We were certain, with all her hard work and personal attention that we have the perfect first dance. As the weeks went by and our days became less and less as we counted down to the big day, the nerves increased but Alissa remained positive and would give us some words of encouragement. The day arrived, everything was perfect and the time came for us to show off our fancy moves. As we walked onto the dance floor, the stress was high but the dance went exceptionally well! Our guest were clapping hands and cheering us on. People couldn’t stop their talking about how amazing we looked! Thanks to Alissa we had our special moment on the dance floor which will always be a fantastic memory.