Wedding Dance Performance Tips

Wedding Dance Performance Tips

For all our wedding couples getting married, here are a few tips for the big day.

1. Breath and have fun: The most important thing is to take deep breaths, keep your cool and stay relaxed. There is no need to be nervous, this is a performance in front of your closest family and friends and no one is judging you. The greatest thing about your wedding dance is that no one else except your dance instructor knows what you really suppose to do, so if something goes wrong, you can “wing it”! (just work as a partnership).

2. One for the ladies: DON’T LEAD YOUR MAN!! I know we are control freaks and just want to help out but as soon as you and your partner walk onto the floor HE IS THE BOSS! There is nothing more confusing if two people are trying to steer especially if nerves are involved. Ladies sit back and enjoy the ride 😉

3. Smile: Don’t get too focused on the dance and forget to smile. This is a very special moment between your newly married partner and yourself, live in the moment and cherish every bit of it because I can promise you that moment will go by very quickly.

4. Keep your posture and poise: Stand upright, pull your shoulder back and keep those eyes away from the floor and directly into your partner’s eyes.

5. Remember your poker face: We have prepared you for all the possible mistakes that can happen on the day. We mentioned it a few times, you will make mistakes on the day. But no one will know as long as you keep that poker face and don’t show it when you have made a mistake. Your friends and family will love your dance regardless.

6. Ending: Remember the ending is very important, don’t rush it off, savor your moment of glory for at least a minimum of 5 seconds, depending on the position you are in. If you are planning for guest to join you on the floor afterwards, arrange with your bridesmaids & groomsman to get everybody in the floor, one less thing for you to worry about for the dance.