Sayuri & Luke


We would like to thank you for helping us learn our first dance for our wedding. It went brilliantly, we had one small hiccup in the start, where Luke started fox-trotting instead of boxing- but I whispered “box” to him, and we rectified our steps, without anyone but us noticing. (and we didn’t even pull any funny faces when it happened)! Everyone was so impressed with our dance moves, and we honestly COULDNT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU! You are a brilliant teacher and your passion for dance rubs onto people that you teach. Not only did we do our dance on the dance floor, and we also used our moves with our photographer.

  • Dance Details
    • Dance Instructor – Alissa
    • Dance Song – Tenerife Sea, Ed Sheeran
    • Dance Style – Box Rumba/ Foxtrot
    • Dance Package – 1 Month Package
    • Wedding Anniversary – 7 January 2020
    • Wedding Photographer – ?
    • Wedding Venue – ?