Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Dance Lessons

Lee-Anne & Andreas


Bianca Dias was our instructor and from the very first lesson it was such fun working with her, in all her craziness. She came up with the perfect dance routine, given our limited dancing skills. Bianca was always very encouraging and when Andi and I found that we couldn’t do something right or were feeling demotivated she would lift us up and change the step to suite us and the dance. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and looked forward to our lessons. No matter what kind of day we had, we would leave that studio in high spirits 🙂
The people at the studio were all very friendly and helpful and the whole atmosphere in that place makes you want to dance!
Thank you,
Lee-Anne & Andreas

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[item icon=’small_arrow right_white’]Dance Instructor – Bianca Dias[/item]
[item icon=’small_arrow right_white’]Dance Song – Thinking Out Loud, Ed Sheeran[/item]
[item icon=’small_arrow right_white’]Dance Style – Cuban Rumba[/item]
[item icon=’small_arrow right_white’]Dance Package – 1 Month Package[/item]
[item icon=’small_arrow right_white’]Wedding Anniversary – 9 May 2015[/item]
[item icon=’small_arrow right_white’]Wedding Photographer – GustavL Photography[/item]