Wedding Make-Up Johannesburg

Free Wedding Make-Up Trials

Free Wedding Make-Up Trials for our Wedding Couples

Five6seven8 Dance Studio is fortunate to have amazingly talented instructors. Not only do we know how to teach you to dance, but some of our instructors can also help with your Make-Up for your Wedding day.

If you have a Wedding Dance Package with Five6seven8, you will receive a free make-up trial with our very own dancing make-up guru, Edwina! Edwina has been actively involved in both the dancing and make-up communities for over 10 years.

For any bookings or inquiries, get in touch with us.

Consider the following 4 Wedding Tips when choosing the right make-up artist (MUA):

  1. Do your research:
    It is important to have a look around before making a decision. Try to find someone with a style that suits yours. Budget is a key factor for a wedding, so request some quotes to get a better idea of what the going rates are. Check if your MUA has photos from previous bookings, or has a portfolio that you can view. Also, make sure that the MUA is available on your wedding day.
  2. Reviews matter:
    Other people’s past experiences allow you to skip the learning curve and get a jump-start! Testimonials are a great way to verify the reliability and credibility of a MUA. Look through their various social media platforms to see what other people have said, or request some reviews directly from the MUA.
  3. Book a trial:
    A trial run of your wedding make-up is vital in order to get an idea what you can expect on the day. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises on your special day, so preparation is key. Have a few pictures available of what you have in mind so that you can show your MUA.
  4. Remember your bridal party:
    Consider the various packages the MUA has to offer, and see if they include your bridal party. It is important to let your MUA know how many people are part of your bridal party so that they can make sure that there is enough time to get everyone ready.