Bryony & Patrick


When Patrick and I walked into the studio for our first lesson, I’m sure Alissa, our dance instructor/miracle worker, had no idea what she’d gotten herself into.  Our height difference together with a lack of rhythm and timing (I’ll own up to those two) and two pairs of left feet do not make for the best dancers.  However, in a few very fun lessons she had managed to make it look like we could actually dance.  We learnt the Rhumba and even managed to throw in a few twirls and dips.  Our guests were very impressed and I’m sure a lot of them couldn’t believe it was actually us on that dance floor.  We had so much fun at our lessons and even though we have very busy schedules which change continuously, Alissa made a plan to fit us in whenever it suited us.  Without Alissa we would have looked like our younger selves at our school dances just moving our hips in time to the music (or not).  Thank you!!!

  • Dance Details
    • Dance Instructor – Alissa Steyl
    • Dance Song – All I want is You, U2
    • Dance Style – Rumba
    • Dance Package – 1 Month Package
    • Wedding Anniversary – 1 September 2012