Five6seven8 Dance Studio is available to be hired for variety of functions.

The dance studio has a spacious layout of 480sqm including a reception area, lounge, balcony, bathrooms and 2 floors (one of 156sqm and the other of 70sqm)

The venue is ideal for Bachelorette & Hen Parties, Kitchen Teas & More

k 5678_entrance1.jpgk 5678_entrance2.jpgk 5678_entrance3.jpgk 5678_entrance4.jpgk 5678_entrance5.jpgk 5678_hallway1.jpgk 5678_hallway2.jpgk 5678_hallway3.jpgk 5678_hallway4.jpgk 5678_hallway5.jpgk 5678_rmone1.jpgk 5678_rmone2.jpgk 5678_rmone3.jpgk 5678_rmtwo1.jpgk 5678_rmtwo2.jpg