• Recent Engagement Proposal 2011

    Recent Engagement Proposal 2011

    25 November 2011 – Ugan & Jillian

    At the beginning of October Ugan walked into the studio wanting to learn how to Salsa for his girlfriend. Why come in without her? Well Ugan was planning to propose to his girlfriend and wanted to surprise her not only with a ring but with a dance. So our quest began to plan their engagement. We were very fortunate that Dance Cafe was hosting a Salsa Party on the date that Ugan was hoping to propose. On the day he went to drop off a huge bunch of flowers and had a last minute practice. And so the scheme was put into play, they went off to dinner and a friend would by chance mention that there was something being held at a dance studio. They finally arrived at the studio, my nerves were shot staring at the entrance to see when they would arrive. The studio then had a “competition” running that a lucky lady would be “randomly” picked to win a bunch of flowers….As Jillian was picked out of the crowd and handed her flowers, Ugan came up behind her and went down onto one knee and asked her to marry him, we couldn’t hear a thing from all the cheering on from people in the studio as they realized what was happening but she said yes :). Later the evening he then took her for the dance that he was preparing for the past few month, turns out that Jillian didn’t know Salsa as Ugan thought but actually Jazz. But a big thumbs up for him going all the way to arrange something special for his new fiance. Was a great pleasure being part of arranging this day for the couple and want to give a BIG thank you to Dance Cafe for being so accommodating and helping with this day. Cheers to the newly engaged couple and hope that we can be part of the next journey as the couple prepare for their wedding.

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