Neil & Zenisha


It has been a little over 2 and a half years since a visit to the Five6Seven8 studio for a few simple lessons with Enize Wilson to choreograph our wedding dance has turned into a new found love for dance.

Enize was absolutely amazing in putting our wedding dance together and if you watched us dance on our wedding day you would have thought we had been dancing together for years. Who would have guessed it was only 6 short lessons to put together something that amazing and it was all down to the brilliance and patience of Enize. She made everything seem so simple and effortless.

From the moment you walk into the Five6Seven8 studio you get a sense of the love and passion that each and every person has for dance and how they want to share that with their students.

You build a relationship and chemistry with your instructor and it’s amazing how involved everyone is in your personal development. Even though you are working toward individual goals everyone lends a helping hand to help you improve. We have built such amazing friendships in the time we have been students at the studio. You learn so much from the instructors and it’s a fantastic environment to let your hair down and have some fun while learning so much.

The amount of work and effort that goes into the social event and year-end productions are amazing and it is such an amazing feeling to be part of these. It doesn’t matter what your level of interest is in dance there is a place for you at the studio. You are encouraged to work towards individual goals and milestones to ensure that there is continuous development. It was really sad saying goodbye to Enize when she left the studio last year but Bianca has been absolutely amazing in filling her shoes. We really feel at home whenever we are at the studio and it really is like being part of one big happy dancing family. We look forward to many more years and milestones achieved with you guys. Thanks for being so awesome!!!